Heartbeat of Homecare

The heartbeat of homecare features real stories of the seniors and caregivers that are so special to Maine-ly Elder Care. Each story represents their unique experiences of life, love and determination to remain true to their beliefs, themselves, and their families. *Some names have been changed for privacy, but the stories are real.

A Dream Come True

March 11, 2016
A dream come true, a letter written by one of our own Personal Support Specialist's, Kurt Manelick, providing us a glimpse into one of his most memorable moments as being a Personal Support Specialist with us here at Maine-ly Elder Care. Some of my greatest moments with a private pay… More...

A Client's Blessing

March 23, 2015
I am a Christian Care Giver.  I have worked for Maine-ly Elder Care for almost a year.  I chose this field because I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the elderly.  I strive to be a blessing and a help to my clients.  But…I also receive a blessing from… More...

A Caring Voice

December 18, 2013
I am a male caregiver who has worked for Maine-ly Elder Care for five years. Some of my recent experiences have brought me into homes of aging males with varying stages of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Even though I have taken the 23 hours of on-line instruction to be certified as an Alzheimer's… More...

The Healing Power of Pets for Elderly People

December 18, 2013
I met Trudy* about a year ago. She was suffering from renal failure, and was going to dialysis three times a week.  Over the following months, I visited Trudy once every month, and came to care about her plight between uncertainty and fulfillment. As winter drew upon us… More...