Our Service Commitment

Home Care is the fastest growing alternative to nursing homes and other extended care facilities. Simply put, it is a very special way for those in need to receive superior service and care in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their home. It is no secret that people are much more content when they are at home, close to their families, pets, neighbors and friends. Research has shown that staying at home encourages independence, and promotes quicker healing.

We at Maine-ly Elder Care know and understand this. That is why we are committed to providing quality homecare to seniors and their families. Since 1999, we have met the personal and health care needs of thousands of clients, by offering them unsurpassed homecare assistance in the comfort, safety and relaxed environment of their home.

Proof of our strong commitment in providing quality care is in our relationships - our relationships with our consumers, their families and our employees. Maine-ly Elder Care understands that our relationships are the basis for our success.

Our goal at Maine-ly Elder Care is to meet the personal and homecare needs of the people and communities we serve, at an affordable cost, and combined with our team approach we strive to offer the highest level of safety, reliability and continuity.

We look forward to serving you,

Denise Stevens

-Denise Stevens , RN
President and CEO